Born in 1961 in Berlin (East). 1979 high school diploma. Involved in the oppositional art- and cultural scene in Berlin and Dresden. In 1980 arrested by the Stasi. Published book of poems Der Tag will immer Morgen bleiben (Piper, Munich) under the name Thomas Erwin. In 1981 deportation to the Federal Republic of Germany, work scholarship awarded by the Cultural Senate of Berlin followed by move to Paris. After short periods of fashion- and textile drawing, autodidactic studies in Far-Eastern culture. Since 1985 concentration on painting as main artistic form of expression. In connection with this, adoption of name Klingenstein in 1986 (motherĀ“s birth name). Has lived and worked in Munich, Spain and San Francisco, and frequently for longer periods in Japan from 1884 into the 90s. Based in Berlin since 1995.

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